Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive Hail Maps, aka Hail Recon®, is a subscription hail mapping service where you get unlimited near live updating hail maps, Unlimited Hail & Wind Impact Reports, Hail Property Monitoring, Wind Readings, and much more!

We have 1 state, 3 state, and nationwide plans. Regions can be substituted for states if you live on the border of multiple states. Please see the Pricing Page for up to date subscription pricing.

Mostly Roofing and Exterior Contractors, Public Adjusters, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) companies, Insurance Companies, and Claims Adjusters.
Instantly. At the moment you subscribe, you get access to all hail history and all live data. We are also here for you and will answer your call, even after hours during hail season. 512-994-2550
Our standard plan comes with 5 simultaneous users. When a 6th user signs in to the maps, one of the users that is currently logged in will be logged out. You are never prevented from signing in. You can also assign any of your user seats to a dedicated email and password if that is your preference. Call if you require assistance. 512-994-2550

Also, you can upgrade to a plan with more user seats at any time.

The hail maps are updated close to real-time, usually within 5 minutes.
During the winter we often give limited free access so you can try it out but we don’t usually offer trials during hail season because the info is time sensitive.
When you subscribe to a 1 state or 3 state plan you get the choice to pick states, regions, or a combination. Regions are 125 mile radiuses around specific cities throughout the US. Most subscribers pick states because you usually get more territory. Regions, however, are your best choice when you live in a city or area that is on the border of multiple states and you don’t want a 3 state plan.
For example, if you work in Omaha you might be better off with the Omaha Region which includes parts of 5 states within 125 miles, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas! When you work near Dallas you might prefer the entire state of Texas compared to the Dallas Region which is only 125 radius around Dallas.

When you work in the northeast, a region might be your best option because most 125 radius regions in the northeast overlap multiple states. You can mix states and regions with a 3 state plan and when you choose nationwide you get everything!

See Available Regions

Yes, you can upgrade to a 3 state or nationwide plan at any time. When you upgrade to a new plan we credit back the unused portion of your previous plan and apply that credit towards your new plan. We call that credit your “upgrade credit” and you can view that credit any time by viewing the “upgrade” tap on your account settings page. Please call us at 512-994-2550.
For security reasons, we must handle this change in our office. The goal is to keep your account secure and safe. Give us a call at 512.994.2550 and we would be happy to update the account.
Most of the time when you drop a marker it will only show up on the map date you are viewing. If you can’t remember which date you dropped the marker on, don’t worry, there’s a quick way to find them. From a browser, click the blue “Search / Filter Address Marker” button. In the “Address Marker Options” panel you can search by criteria. Make sure “Show Address Markers” is checked.
If you just click the Search button, the resulting markers will be the most recent dropped. You search the name and address fields of a marker in Search Text box and/or some of the other search fields. Click Search after each criteria change.
Clicking the address hyperlink of a marker in the results list, opens that marker on the map, allowing you to view/make changes.

If we can assist please call us 512-994-2550

From the browser version, click on “My Account”, then choose “Account settings”. Click the tab labeled “Company Info”, click on it. Enter your company name, address, and contact information. Be sure to click Save Company Info.

To upload your company logo, scroll to the bottom of the screen, click the “Choose File” button, locate your logo file on your computer or cloud drive. The file type must be either BMP, JPEG, or PNG. Click the file and choose, “Open”. Then choose “Upload Logo”.

Yes, you can combine hail maps using the browser version “Finder” feature located in the “Recent Hail Events” box on the top left side of the screen. In short, Zoom into an area, select a date range and then choose “Combine” after the results appear under the Hail Finder box. “Combine” can take just a few seconds or up to a minute to draw depending on how large a selection area you zoomed into and your date range. If the selection is too complex (too much data to compute), you’ll need to decrease either the date range or area and try again. Check out this video to see how it works.

Combine Hail Dates Video

Yes we do. In fact we collect wind data from multiple sources. First, we collect “Wind Spotter Reports” from NOAA, which are only associated with thunderstorms. Second, “Wind Heatmap” from personal weather stations in the area that details wind speeds. Third, Tornado Warnings and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings.

Check out these videos:

Wind Observations

Wind By Address (NOAA Reports)

Wind Impact Reports

Yes you can but only on the browser version. It’s basically creating a Hail Impact Report with just a couple extra steps to convert it to a Wind Impact Report. Check out this video to see how you do it.

Creating a Wind Impact Report Video

Using the browser version, zoom into the hail swath and use CONTROL-P for Windows and COMMAND-P for Mac. (best viewed in landscape)

You can also use The Snipping Tool to capture part of your screen and then print that captured image. (Windows) Use COMMAND-SHIFT-4 to (Mac)

Keep in mind that you can always view the hail swaths using our Mobile App, Hail Recon.

Absolutely using the browser app; You can change the status name and features including color and icon image. Choose My Account at the top right of the corner of the window, then select Workflow Settings. Choose a Workflow Settings Category Tab, Click the Edit button to the right of a status marker. Please call us if you would like us to walk you through it!
A top of the line feature that allows you to tap on a house and pull up the homeowners name, phone number, and even their email address! Watch this video to see a demonstration of this feature.

Canvassing and Contact Data on Demand Video

If you have a need to download an entire neighborhood of contact data at once, that’s feature is called “Bulk Data Download”, it’s an additional cost of $799 per year for 1 state. Check out the video that shows how to download lead data in bulk.

Bulk Lead Data Download Video

The contact data is provided by Cole Information and they update the contact information monthly. Please contact us so we can test the data out in your neighborhood!
Our annual subscription plans are based on the number of seats (users) and the number of states. If you need to add seats, please contact our office at 512.994.2550 and we can help you quickly.

If you are set with your current plan and have enough seats, you can quickly assign a seat to a salesperson following these 2 steps. 1) Invite the user as a team member, then 2) assign the team member to a seat. Check out this video to see how you do it.

Assigning Seats To Team Members Video

The green markers are hail reported by spotters up to 1.25 inch in diameter. The dark blue markers are 1.5 and 1.75 inch hail reports. The red markers are reports of hail 2.00 inch in diameter and larger. Click on the markers to get the actual hail report.
Yes, you get access to every hail storm in your subscribed area going back to January 2011 as well as everything going forward for a full year. To find previous storms, zoom into a map area on your screen, then click “Finder”. Next, select a date range (preset date range or choose a custom date). A date range is chosen by clicking the dates list box under the “Find Hail” button. Once you have a screen selection and a date range, click “Find Hail”. The Find Hail button cannot be chosen until the map area is zoomed in enough.

The results appear under the Hail Finder box in descending order by severity (highest # houses impacted), click on one of the listed storm dates to view.

Advanced Features

Record what you find in the field by dropping address markers.
Monitor your customer’s and prospect’s home / business location for hail damage in the future.
Find out when it hailed at any location, and combine maps for any date range.
Send Branded Hail Impact Reports to Your Prospects
The mobile hail reconnaissance companion app for Interactive Hail Maps.
Whenever damaging hail is being detected or reported, you will be first to know.