Unlimited Hail Impact Reports

Hail Impact Reports. Create as many as you like. No hidden fees!

Send Branded Hail Impact Reports to Your Prospects Before You Leave The Driveway!
Hail Impact Reports are branded with your company logo and show detailed info like the date of the hail storm, the size of hail, the storm’s direction, and how long the hail lasted. There is no need to call or wait as you create your reports in just a couple of clicks when using your laptop or a couple of taps when using our companion app Hail Recon®.

Right after you talk to your prospects, send them a custom hail report based on their address! Now you have an excuse to get your prospect’s email address and phone number! Create the address specific Hail Impact Report while you are still in the driveway and text and text it before you leave.

Hail Impact Reports are super easy to create. Key in an address and click “Hail Impact Report”, within 45 seconds your address specific Hail Impact report will pop up on your screen! And when you don’t require a full report and all you need at the moment is the hail history you can click “Show Impact Dates” to get that info even quicker!

After you text it to them your prospect has your branded report, complete with your logo and phone number. We even notify you with a push notification when your prospect opens the report!

Watch the video below to see how to create a Hail Impact Report with your computer!

Show Hail Impact Reports At The Front Door

Hail Impact Reports are branded with your company logo.

Hail Impact Report

See how easy it is to create Hail Impact Reports!