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Sample MapsCheck out the actual nationwide hail maps from several huge hail storms of the past. These maps are the actual product restricted to the sample dates listed below.

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Sample Map Dates

Click on sample hail map dates below to see the actual hail map product.

This massive hail date includes several hail storms that pounded the St. Louis, MO area, and then a single destructive storm that hammered southern Indiana and then Louisville, KY.
One of the biggest hail storm dates in recent history, this map shows hail from southern Illinois, through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Northern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
Another huge set of hail storms pound the eastern half of the US, from Chicago to the Carolinas. Use the Impact Explorer to see the many cities and towns hit in the Raleigh, NC region, including Fayetteville.
The first significant hail storm of the 2013 hail season surprises New Orleans, LA with serious hail damage throughout the south side of the densely populated city.

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