Avoid the circus! Use Interactive Hail Maps to find undiscovered neighborhoods.

Interactive Hail Maps are the finest radar hail swath maps available. Our goal is to help you zero in on the actual damage so you will have entire neighborhoods to yourself.  You can opt for a single map or a subscription.  With a subscription, you get unlimited, full screen, radar indicated hail swaths updated live that you can access through your computer browser or with Hail Recon, our iPhone, iPad, and Android companion app. Interactive Hail Maps shows you where large hail was indicated by radar. You can zoom to street level to see the houses affected. We put you on the hail fast!

The Best Hail Map Technology Available

  • Real-Time – Updated Live
    Our maps are update live, so you will be there first!
  • Forensic Level Radar Hail Swaths
    We analyze multiple radar sources in real time to provide top-tier hail swath accuracy.
  • Edge to Edge Full Screen Maps
    More hail map real estate allows you to see more detail.
  • Native Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
    The absolute BEST mobile hail mapping experience. Period.
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…and its Packed with Features

Trusted by Storm Damage Restoration Professionals Everywhere

Did we say Unlimited?

  • Unlimited Access to over 5 Years of Hail History
  • Unlimited Maps for the Next 12 Months
  • Unlimited Device Alerts
  • Unlimited Hail Impact Reports
  • Unlimited Address Monitoring

Hail Recon® for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Always Know If You Are in the Hail

Always Know If You Are in the Hail

Location indicator lets you see exactly where you are in relationship to the hail swath
Hail Recon

Your Maps are Always With You

Included with your Interactive Hail Maps subscription for access to all historical storm dates
Always Know If You Are in the Hail

Mark Your Map with Your Findings

Take notes while you are in the field.  View where you’ve already canvassed, and where you still need to go.

Incredible Hail Storm Search Tools

Find Hail for Any Region and Any Date Range

Get a List of Dates for Any Region

Hail Finder tm makes it easy to find the hail date for any region and any date range
Show Hail Impact Dates for Any House

Show Hail Impact Dates for Any House

Instantly see a list of hail dates for any address, and load the hail map for any date shown with a single click
Combine All Hail Maps for Any Date Range

Combine Hail Maps

Combine all the hail maps for any date range to visualize the total hail impact for a region
Combine All Hail Maps for Any Date Range

Search for Local Businesses in the Hail

Plot the locations of businesses right onto the hail swath to see if they were impacted by hail
Combine All Hail Maps for Any Date Range

Find Hail Impacted Cities

Impact Explorer shows you all of the cities and towns that were impacted by a hail storm
Combine All Hail Maps for Any Date Range

Drop a Pin on the Map for Any Address

When a customer calls, we make it easy to find out when their house was hit by hail

Radar Detected Hail Impacts

Whenever a hail storm hits any town or city in your region, you need to know. We alert all your devices within minutes!

Hail Reported On-the Ground

Public hail reports directly from NOAA are a great confirmation that hail is in the area. We alert you as soon as they are reported.
Unlimited Address Monitoring
  • Monitor Roofs with Minor Damage
  • Preferred Neighborhood Monitoring
  • Monitor Your Warranty Locations
  • Lead Development