Hail Alerts – Never Miss A Hail Storm Again!

  • You get hail alerts within minutes of the event.
  • You get alerts when hail 1.00 inch or larger is detected by radar.
  • You get alerts when hail spotters report hail 1.00 inch and larger.
  • Tap on the alert to view the hail swath.
  • Hear different alert tones for smaller and larger hail.
  • Pause and resume your hail alerts quickly.
  • Set alert regions so you won’t be alerted from areas you don’t work.
  • You get alerts that shows you where hail is predicted that day.
  • Customize your hail alerts for specific hail sizes.
  • Get wind damage alerts.
1.75 Hail Detected At Paducah, KY, 75.5 miles NW of Clarksville TN