Never Miss A Hail Storm Again!

Interactive Hail Maps alerts you by phone or tablet with 2 types of alerts.

1. Impact Alerts Based on Radar – You are alerted before the spotters make a report. You get an alert when “.5 or larger hail is detected by radar near a populated area. See the sample Impact Alert on the iPhone screen to the right.

2. Hail Report Alerts – You are alerted when spotters report hail “1.25 or larger. We give you the size of the hail reported along with the distance to the largest nearby town.

Example Hail Report Alert…

golfball sized hail @
Summit Lake WI – 83.3mi
NW of Green Bay WI

Both Impact Alerts and Hail Report Alerts are included with your subscription. Sign in to your IHM account with Hail Recon® (available in the App Store or Google Play) to begin receiving your hail alerts. You aren’t required to remain logged in to receive them. Just log in once with your phone to activate it. You can have unlimited devices receive the alerts!

1.75 Hail Detected At Paducah, KY, 75.5 miles NW of Clarksville TN