Canvassing with Contact Data On-demand

Introducing Canvassing Mode with on-demand homeowner contact data. Hail Recon – the absolute BEST mobile hail mapping experience – now includes streamlined canvassing tools. Check out the in-depth canvassing video above for all the details.

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Contact Data On-Demand

Tap a House, Get the Name and Number!

In the ever-more competitive environment that is the storm restoration industry, you need every possible advantage over the competition, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving you access to the best information integrated with the best tools. And because of that, Hail Recon now has the ability to immediately pull contact data for any house that you tap!

Knowing the occupant’s name, your pitch immediately opens doors that are closed for your competition. And for those houses that you haven’t been able to contact? Tap the phone number, mobile number, or email address to break through those “never home” houses. Your competition won’t stand a chance in your neighborhoods!