Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive Hail Maps Street Level View
Yes, you can zoom all the way to street level and can also switch to satellite view on either the full screen maps or with Hail Recon, the companion app for Interactive Hail Maps.
No, you get everything – every map for the next 12 months updated live, plus instant access to over 7 years of historical hail maps. You also get unlimited hail impact reports, unlimited address monitoring, and real-time hail alerts on unlimited devices. The only thing that cost extra are additional accounts and Sales Team Maps.

What You Get with Your Interactive Hail Maps Subscription
Yes, Hail Recon is included with your account. Download Hail Recon on the App Store or in Google Play and log in with your IHM username and password.
Yes, click the blue “Map Options” button located on the gray banner at the top of the map. From there, click the “Show Wind Reports” or “Show Wind Heatmap” option to show wind.
There are 2 ways to search for hail.

You can click anywhere on the full screen maps and then select “Show Impact Dates” to see a list of all the hail dates where hail hit within 3 miles of the point where you just clicked.

You can also use the Hail Finder to find hail dates. Zoom in with your computer screen to the area you would like to search and click the blue “Hail Finder” button on the upper left of your screen. A list of dates will appear where hail was indicated by radar inside your screen area. Click the dates to view the hail swaths.

Check out our short demonstration video on the Hail Finder.

On the full screen maps, click on “My Account” in the upper right of your screen and then select “Account Settings”. Then click on the “Upgrade” tab to get a real-time price of how much it cost to upgrade your account.

Upgrade My Account
Hail Swaths sizes are displayed at the top of the full screen maps next to “Find Address”. Move your mouse over any hail swath and the size will be displayed. Using Hail Recon, drop a marker by holding your finger on the map for 1 second. Once the marker is dropped, the size is displayed.
Instantly. At the moment you subscribe, you get access to all hail history and all live data.
The hail maps are updated close to real-time, usually within 5 minutes.
We have found that many report coordinates are mis-marked. Use the hail swaths to pinpoint the hail damage.
The light blue markers are radar stations that are picking up the hail. Check it out. You can switch to satellite view and zoom all the down to street view and see the radar!
The green markers are hail reported by spotters up to 1.25 inch in diameter. The dark blue markers are 1.5 and 1.75 inch hail reports. The red markers are reports of hail 2.00 inch in diameter and larger. Click on the markers to get the actual hail report.
The best way to print any hail map is by using the Snipping Tool to capture part of your screen. (Mac users capture your screen by pressing Command-Shift-4) The Snipping tool is a free tool that is included with Windows and is already on your hard drive. Search your hard drive and click it to open the app on your computer.
Snipping Tool Included With Windows
Once you open the snipping tool click “New” to see your mouse pointer turn into the cross hair symbol. Now hold your left mouse button and drag across the screen to capture the hail map showing on your screen. Save the hail map image and then open with with any software to print. (Paint or Word)
When you subscribe you get one “seat”. With one seat you can have as many within your company use it as you like but only 2 can be logged in at the same time, one logging in with the computer and one with Hail Recon. For Example, when you log in to Hail Recon and someone else is already logged in, also using Hail Recon, they will be logged out. If someone else is logged in using the computer they will remain logged in to the system.

Most multiple employee subscribers use the system without any issue. If you prefer additional simultaneous users, where multiple users can be logged in to Hail Recon at the same time, you can purchase additional seats. Please call for more info.

Another option for simultaneous users is Sales Team Maps. Sales Team Maps are meant for distributing hail maps to your salespeople.

When you subscribe to a 1 state or 3 state plan you get the choice to pick states, regions, or a combination. Regions are 125 mile radiuses around specific cities throughout the US. Most subscribers pick states because you usually get more territory. Regions, however, are your best choice when you live in a city or area that is on the border of multiple states and you don’t want a 3 state plan.
For example, if you work in Omaha you might be better off with the Omaha Region which includes parts of 5 states within 125 miles, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas! When you work near Dallas you might prefer the entire state of Texas compared to the Dallas Region which is only 125 radius around Dallas.

When you work in the northeast, a region might be your best option because most 125 radius regions in the northeast overlap multiple states. You can mix states and regions with a 3 state plan and when you choose nationwide you get everything!

See Available Regions

Advanced Features

Record what you find in the field by dropping address markers.
Monitor your customer’s and prospect’s home / business location for hail damage in the future.
Find out when it hailed at any location, and combine maps for any date range.
Send Branded Hail Impact Reports to Your Prospects
The mobile hail reconnaissance companion app for Interactive Hail Maps.
Whenever damaging hail is being detected or reported, you will be first to know.
Give your sales people their own hail maps and collaborate with them in the field.