Getting started with Interactive Hail Maps

See the hail map basics like navigating the maps and understanding the menu options.

Hail Replay™ Instructional Video

See the steps needed to load radar images for your hail storm.

Hail Replay™ In-Depth

See an in depth look at Hail Replay.  Use it to analyze hail storms and find hail damaged areas within the hail swath.  See if the hail is scattered or concentrated.  You can also use Hail Replay to see the hail storm’s direction and duration.

Canvassing Mode In-Depth

Get homeowner’s name and cell phone with a couple of taps.  Keep track of every lead and contact you’ve made within hail damaged neighborhoods.

Assigning Seats to Team Members

Assign your extra seats out to individual email addresses so you can keep track of their canvassing progress.

Importing lists of addresses for hail monitoring

See how you can import your customer lists by hooking up google sheets to your IHM account. Monitor your customers for future hail storms and be notified immediately when they are hit with hail.

Downloading Lists of Names and Cell Numbers for Residential

See how you can download bulk contact info for residential neighborhoods.

Hail Impact Reports

Send Branded Address Specific Hail Reports to Prospects and Adjusters

Search For Previous Hail Storms By Computer Screen Area

Use the Hail Finder™ to search our hail history.

Overlay Multiple Hail Dates over the Same Map

Quickly combine hail maps to see every hail swath for a region over a selected date range.

Search For Businesses in The Hail Path

See which businesses and business types were in the hail path by using the “search map” box.

Address Markers. Mark Damage, Take Notes In The Field

Place customizable marker icons on your hail map to mark damage and to get address specific info like the complete hail history for the marker’s location.  You can also use them also to monitor addresses for future hail storms.

Search For Wind Damage Dates By Address

Easily find the wind date you are looking for.

The Wind Heatmap

Quickly visualize severe wind concentrations with just a couple of clicks. See wind gust measurements from weather stations.