Think About it.

Some of our competitors would have you believe that hail falls in concentric circle zones and that people with meteorology degrees make phone calls to every farmhouse to verify hail damage!

What you really need is meteorological evidence.  What hail size was the radar indicating?  Were people on the ground reporting hail?  Was the hail spotty or high volume?  Where exactly did most of the hail fall?  What size of hail was the national weather service warning about with their severe warnings?  Gimmicks don’t prevent you from driving 3 hours to ultimately find nothing.  You need the facts.

Give us a call right now with no appointment.  512-994-2550  Let’s get on a 5 minute screen share so you can see Interactive Hail Maps live with some of your local hail storms!

Much more information than any of our competitors! It’s not even close.

  • Use Hail Replay™ to review hail radar images to find undiscovered pockets of hail damage.
  • Dominate your market by monitoring your previous customers and preferred neighborhoods for future hail storms.
  • Provide proof to adjusters and prospects that it hailed on any specific date with our unlimited Hail Impact Reports.
  • Use our native Hail Recon® app to find hail damage while out in the field. Use the blue gps dot to see when you are in the hail zone.
  • Use our historical hail storm database to find and work older hail storms that your competitors have abandoned.
  • Be the first to arrive as our hail maps are updated live!
  • Never miss a hail storm. Your will immediately be notified when hail is detected by radar in your area.
  • Save bookoo bucks as Interactive Hail Maps is the most affordable hail mapping system in the biz!
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