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Do you need a custom hail report for your home or business?  You have come to the right place!  Our hail reports provide you with address specific hail storm impact details like the hail size, the time the hail hit, the storm’s direction, and how long the hail lasted.  We also include severe weather warnings that were issued at the time.  Severe weather warnings provide you with additional proof that there was severe weather and hail in your area on the date of the report.
  • Property Location Displayed on Map
  • Property Aerial View
  • Property Front View(If Available)
  • Hail Impact Details
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Historical Storm Activity

About Us

Interactive Hail Maps provides the most comprehensive Hail Impact Reports available. Founded in 2012, we generate 14,000 Hail Impact Reports per month for insurance companies, insurance adjusters, general contractors, and paintless dent repair companies nationwide. Hail Impact Reports are available individually, to the public through this page. The reports are emailed to you in PDF format.

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Why You Need This Report!

Don't worry, hail storms happen all the time and insurance companies are constantly dealing with hail damage claims like yours. Insurance companies just want to be sure that the hail damage occurred while they were insuring the property! This Hail Impact Report provides them metrological evidence as to when exactly the hail storm hit.

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The Hail Impact Report will be emailed to you in PDF format where you can easily view on your computer or mobile device.
$59 for the comprehensive, property specific Hail Impact Report – paid by credit card.  This report doesn’t require that you have our hail mapping subscription.  It’s a one time payment of $59.
After you fill out and submit your information in the form below we will call you within 1 hour to discuss your situation, get your payment information, create the report, and email it to you. (During business hours 7-4 central time) We will call you the next morning when submitted after hours or Monday morning if your submit your info over the weekend.
Sorry that purchasing your Hail Impact Report isn’t an automated process but want to be sure that your situation warrants paying for the report!  Please fill out the form below and we will call you within an hour to get details regarding your report needs.  We will then email you the report within minutes of that phone call!  For the fastest response please submit the form between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm weekdays.(central time)

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