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You get every map, live as they occur, for an entire year! No extra costs, no additional fees. You won’t have to purchase “credits”, or upgrade fees. You get them all!

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Instant access to all the storms since January 2011. That’s over four years of hail maps you have at your fingertips, wherever you go. So go ahead and work some of those storms from the last few years – it’s always hail season with IHM.

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Time is money, and when a hail storm hits, you need to know where ASAP. Our maps are update live, so you can start planning your reconnaissance while the storms are still wreaking havoc.

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Accuracy is the name of the game, and in that respect, our maps are second to none. Our data center is working around the clock, analyzing multiple radar sources in real time to provide top-tier hail swath accuracy.See Our Sample Maps
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