Short Videos To Get You Started

See the basics, including how to sign in. Also see what all the buttons do.

Interact with your hail maps using address markers.

Create Address Specific Hail Impact Reports.

Create Address Specific Wind Impact Reports.

Learn how to canvass and pull contact data on demand.

See how to use Hail Replay using your computer browser.

See how to use Hail Replay using your iPhone or iPad.

Quickly visualize high winds for any area.

Easily find previous hail storms by map area.

See how to assign map access to your team members.

Learn about map dates. See how to find your markers when you can’t locate them.

Be notified immediately when any monitored property gets hit with hail.

Import large lists of customers for hail monitoring.

See how to overlay multiple hail swath over the same map.

Click anywhere on the map to see wind speed readings.

Search for wind damage reports by address.

Download lists of names, cell, and email addresses for residential in minutes. (add-on feature)

Draw geographical regions with your finger to speed up the app by limiting the amount of markers that load. (for accounts with thousands of markers)